Teagan Kliever

Financial Advisor

As a professional, I have discovered a path of my own. Starting out early in my life, I tried to decide what industry I wanted to be in, all I knew was that I wanted to help people. After spending some time inside of the banking industry I quickly learned that educating people is a huge part of their success. I then acquired my real-estate license and I was able to find a spark in helping people into their first homes. Growing up in a small community, watching my father work in agriculture and my mother owning her own retail clothing store, I from an early age, understood the value of hard work and seeing the pride in working for a purpose. When my clients understand find themselves fully understanding their coverage they really do gain the confidence and comfort they have been searching for, there is no better feeling. When you have a plan, a personalized map that you have chosen and created, one you are proud of, the milestone achievements along the way become so much more significant. They become a part of your legacy